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Asthma Signs and Symptoms
Asthma is a chronic disease, affecting the respiratory organ, indicated by inflammation and tightening about the respiratory channel, causing gasping and breathing problems. It is also accompanied with chest pain, coughing, and hicough.
No clear cause has been confirmed but some triggers may arouse, such as smoke, dust, furs, physical bout, dampness, virus infection, and even chemical substance.
The persons victim of asthma have more sensitive respiratory organ than the others.
On being affected by asthmatic triggers, the asthmatic will get his respiratoty tissues stiffed, causing the breathing channel to narrow. And worse still, there will be higher produce of phlegm to cause more difficult breathing.

Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Asthma Diagnosis
Some tests will be necessary for the doctor to know real asthmatic symptoms.
However,  preliminary he will inquire the patient about what he feels, the time the complaint appears, and historical background of his health condition and family.
If all the information gathered leads to asthmatic disease, the doctor may undertake several tests, such as
Expiration test
Bronchial provocation test
Allergy status measuring
CT Scan
X ray

Asthma Treatment
The treatment of asthma signs and symptoms cover two objects, i.e. to mitigate the symptoms and to prevent recurring.
The above objects will require treatment planning suitable with the patient’s condition. The plan may include detection and handling method and the right medication to give.
Usually on the coming onset, the inhaler is recommended as near treatment. On the attack getting worse despite the first handling, the asthmatic should get immediate hospitalization.
It is rare for asthma to cause death but chronic inflammation in the respiratory organ may ensue permanent narrowing.

Asthmatic complication
The following effect of asthma is often found:
Psychological problem (anxiety, depression)
School or work declining performance Frequent tiredness
Growth and puberty problem of children
Status asthmaticus (grave asthmatic condition against normal treatment).
Breathing failure
Total or partial damage of lung.

Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Controlling measures of asthma
The asthmatic should not worry his condition because asthma is controllable providing:
Recognize and avoid the asthmatic triggers.
Follow the doctor’s plans
Alert about asthmatic onset and take proper action.
Discipline on following doctor’s direction
Monitor the breathing condition

In case use of inhaler becomes more frequent, consult the doctor for revision of the current treatment plans. It is recommended to take regular flu and pneumonia vaccination to prevent worsening asthma due to both cases.

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