Baldness meaning – indicated by hair falling off ?

Baldness meaning (alopecia) is indicated by hair falling off happening in the scalp area or even throughout the body. Hair cell comes from ceratin protein in the hair follicle of the skin capable of growing in any human skin except hand and foot palms.

There are four phases in hair growth cycle.
1. Anagen, active hair growth for 2 to 6 years.
2. Catagen, transition phase for 2 to 3 weeks.
3. Telogen, resting phase lasting for 2 to 3 months.
4. Exogen, as hair escapes of the hair follicle.

One to another hair grows in different phases. By ratio, periodically 85-90% hair passes the anagen phase. After telogen phase, hair will fall off and the follicle  begins new hair cell growth. Normally 50 Р100 pieces of human hair may fall in a day. Baldness meaning or happens as the hair growth cycle goes abnormal due to hormonal change, heredity factor, a disease, or use of some medication.

patterns of male baldnessPatterns of male baldness

Causes and symptoms of baldness
Baldness has types depending on the symptoms and causes as follows:

a. Androgenic alopecia
With men the first symptom begins by the end of 20th or early 30th ages.
Baldness shows up in declining hair growth level and hair scarcity around the middle of head and ends in hair growing only about the back and the sides of head. Androgenic alopecia of men may be of heredity cause and suspected excessive male hormon and of sensitive hair follicle. But this type of baldness with female its cause is not detected yet. It may be due to female hormonal  insufficence and usually affects only the middle part of head. Androgenic alopecia with female usually happens after menopause.

b. Alopecia areata
It may start with a spot of coin size and enlarge to a whole baldness (alopecia totalis). However most cases reveal hair grow again after some months. The hair growing back may have whitish colour in the brginning but later it gains its normal condition. Alopecia aerata is caused by autoimmune, being the immune system hitting back on its own.

c. Scaring alopecia
This happens through change in skin where the hair grows, turning into a scar, causing the follicle to damage and the hair stops growing. It may also happen in anomalous skin causing the scars to grow due to a.o. scleroderma, lupus, and lichen planus.

d. Anagen effluvium
It is baldness of chemotherapy and radio therapy. Anagen effluvium is also caused by serious malnutrition, pemphigus vulgaris, affection through mercury, borax, and medicinal as bismuth, levodopa, colchicine, and cyclosporine. Diseases as lupus and syphilis may also cause anagen effluvium.

The conditions effect disorders in hair growth to cause damage of hairs and fall off before normal hair growth begins. Anagen effluvium afflict hairs in scalp, face and parts of the body during anagen phase. Thus, 85-90% of hairs will fall off. This baldness is temporary one and hairs will grow again some months after treatment of the causes.

e. Telogen effluvium
A change in the hair growth cycle will effect telogen phase where 10 to 15% of hair will suffer higher growth and cause hairs to fall. It may happen owing to hormonal change and stress during pregnancy and child birth, or some diseases as infection, cancer, and liver case, some medicinal as anticoagulant and salbutanol, post operation, and diet program. Usually hairs will grow back in 6 months after hair losing ends. However, it may also extend to years.

f. Tricotilmania
It is a case where one is in the habit of plucking hairs. Therefore, the baldness takes place locally, on the spot of plucking.

g. Traction alopecia
This is baldness meaning is caused by frequent hairs pulling usually for hair styling. Styles of hair may likely cause traction alopecia, including horse tail and cornrow styles. The indication is shown in the front line of hairs looking higher than normal.

h. Other causes of baldness follow:
– Tinea capitic.
– Contraception pills consumption.
– Cosmetic products as hair coloring, gel, and hairspray.
– Hairdryer, hair iron, hair pins.
– Frequent hair cleaning and combing, especially wet hair combing.
– Overdosed A vitamin.
– Tyroid disease.
– Ferrum deficient.
– Anabolic steroid consumption for body building.

baldness meaning

Diagnosis of baldness
– Physical examination and medical history and tests such as blood test.
– Scalp biopsy.

Treatments of baldness
– Avoidance of substance or drugs causing hair loss.
– Early handling of hair loss tendency.
– Minoxidil lotion.
– Finasteride.
– Spirolactone, especially for women.
– Corticosteroid (betametason, hydrocortisone, and mometasone)
– Diphencyprone (DPCP) or dithranol.
– Laser comb.
– Operation, if medicinal treatmen not working:
Hair grafting, scalp reduction, hair implant
– Alternative as tatoo and wigs.

Baldness Preventive
– No coloring or hair ironing, to let natural growth.
– Selective hair product care, using shampoo of suitable hair type.
– Evade combing on wet hair.
– Use no tight frong combs.
– No tight hair tie.
– No over turning of hair.
– Take nutritous foods.

Consult the doctor when taking drugs causing hair loss, but no immediate stop of the drugs. Understand first what baldness meaning.

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