Bronchitis Contagious – here is the definition, symptoms, causes and diagnosis

Bronchitis Contagious is that true ?

Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Bronchitis

A. Definition of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an infection in the main respiratory tract of the lungs (bronchus), causing inflammation of the organ. It is among diseases of respiratory organ.

B. Symptoms of Bronchitis
Some symptoms of bronchitis follow:
– Coughing producing greyish yellow or green phlegm
– Pain in the throat
– Hard of breathing
– Mucous or clogged nose
– Pain or discomfort within chest
– Tiredness
– Slight fever


Bronchitis comprise two types :

First, acute bronchitis lasting for two to three weeks.  This type is the most common infection of respiratory system and often afflicts children under five.

Second, chronic bronchitis, which is bronchial infection lasting for minimal three months of a year and repeats in the next year. This bronchitis usually happens with adults of over 40 years old.


C. Causes of Bronchitis
– A bronchus is a passage of airway that conducts air into the lungs and the other way around. The bronchus walls produce mucus that bars dust and other particles likely to cause irritation to the lungs.

– Acute bronchitis arises from lung infection mostly caused by virus. The irritation and inflammation promotes the bronchus to produce more mucus or phlegm. The body reacts by pushing out the overwhelming mucus through coughing.

– The cause of chronic bronchitis generally is smoking habit.  Each inhale of smoking is potential of destroying the small hairy in the lungs, called cilia (plural of cilium).

-Cilia function as driver and sweeper out of dust, irritation, and mucus or excessive phlegm.

– After some time cigarette content may cause permanent harm in cilia and bronchus wall layer.

– That is the moment the filth cannot pass out and drain away normally.

– The phlegm and filth accumulated in the lungs make the respiratory system vulnerable to infection.

In most cases brochitis contagious can be overcome at home. The doctor will be needed only when the affection turns more severe as:

– The cough grows worse and remains after over three weeks.
– Fever sets in more than three days.
– Cough with sputum and some blood
– Suffering from heart or lung cases, caused by e.g. asthma, emphysema, or heart failure.

D. Diagnosis
of Bronchitis
The doctor will enquire about the symptoms, check the chest area with a stethoscope.

E. Treatments of Bronchitis
– Acute bronchitis may disappear in some weeks. So, no treatment is necessary.
– Before healing, take a lot of drinking and enough rest. In some cases, it may take longer to cure. Chronic bronchitis symptoms usually stay for minimal three months.
– No specific drug has been found to cure chronic bronchitis, except some used for relief.
– Evade smoking and smoking environment.

F. Complication of Bronchitis
Bronchitis complication is generally the pneumonia. The complication happens when the infection spreads deeper into the lungs. The infection causes the air pouch of the lungs filled with liquid. Around 5 percent of bronchitis ends in pneumonia. Prevent Bronchitis contagious now!

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