What is an Abscess Tooth – Causes, Risk and Treatment

What is an Abscess Tooth
Tooth ulcer (abscess) is the formation of blisters containing pus in the tooth due to bacterial infection. It usually develops on the outer surface of tooth base.

The bacterial infection causing the abscess is commonly found in the people with low care of cleanliness and tooth healthiness.

The pus collecting in the blisters will prompt more and more pains.
The disease may be held back by regular tooth brushing or keeping the teeth clean using the thread.
It is highly recommended to have regular control of teeth by a dentist to prevent tooth decay and ulcers.

What is an Abscess Tooth

Symptoms of Tooth Abscess

Sensitivity when biting or chewing.
Sensitivity for hot or cold temperature.
Swelling on cheeks or face.
Strong and pricking pain in the tooth, spreading about the jaw, neck, or ears.
The lymph nodes beneath the jaw or neck swell and pain.
On the abscess breaking, bad smell comes out of the mouth and the tongue tastes bad substance and salty liquid produces in the mouth.
The mouth and face turn reddish.

The Causes and Risks of Tooth Abscess
The underlying cause of the abscess appears from bacterial developing in the mouth area, spreading to the soft tissues and facial bones and neck. The bacteria enter into the tooth pulp through the tooth cavity or cracks and the tooth pulp comprise some blood vessels, nerves and tissues.
Foods of high glucose content.
Bad habit about tooth care.
The causes tell itself what is an abscess tooth about.

Tooth Abscess Diagnoses
The following actions are commonly done by the medical doctors for diagnoses of tooth abscess:
Physical examination by checking wholly the mouth area.
Testing the affected tooth, usually sensitive to shocking.
Scanning by x-ray (CT scan)

Tooth Abscess Medical treatment
The following doctor’s actions are usually resorted to:
Making canal to tooth base.
Drying out the abscess liquid substance.
Application of antibiotics.

Risks by failure to handle the case of Tooth Abscess
The infection expanding to other parts of the body such as jaw, neck or head area.
Sepsis, being the fatal infection wide spreading through the whole body.

What is an Abscess Tooth