Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder causing the sufferer to experience delusion, hallucination, disorientation, and changed behaviour. The condition lasts long and is referred to as a mental disorder for the difficulty of the sufferer to distinguish between the reality and imagination.
Schizophrenia may happen to anyone male or female, the ages around 15-35 being the most vulnerable to this affection.


Schizophrenia  Causes
No confirmation yet has been made about what leads to this case of schizophrenia. The condition may be attributed to combined factors of psychological, physical, genetical, and environmental.
Diagnosis and treatments
The specialists should soon be approached if anyone show the symptoms. The faster the better will be. Chance of recovery will be greater if handled the earliest possible.

Schizophrenia may be detected on following indications:
– Having hallucination, delution, disoriented talking, and lacking emotional expression.
– Losing performance in doing daily activities such as working productivity and school achievement.
– The symptoms above cannot be attributed to other conditions as bipolarity or side effects of drugs misuses.
– The treatment usually combines CBT behaviour therapy and antipsychotic medication. For better chance of recovery close relatives cooperation may help.
On having recovered monitoring will still be needed. The doctor may prescribe medicines to prevent recurring but it is important for the sufferer to recognize signs of recurrence and relate the condition to someone.

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