Sinusitis symptoms and treatments

Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of sinus lining, sinus being the small air filled cavity located behind the cheek bones amd forehead. It is a common case afflicting any age.

Types of sinusitis by case history follow:

1. Acute sinusitis,
2. Sub-acute sinu sitis.
3. Chronic sinu sitis.
4. Repetitive sinu sitis,

The symptoms

Fever 38 degree Celcius and over.
Congested nose having yellowish green liquid.
Pain in the face and hurt when supressed.
Losing smelling
Bad smelling breath (halitosis).

Sinus location

Sinus forms interlinked small rooms through an air passage in the skull. The sinus cavity opens holes of the nose. There are four sets of sinus in the skull , i.e. behind the forehead, in both sides of the nose,  behind the eyes, and behind cheek bones.

The mucous produced by the sinus funtctions to help control the temperature and humidity of the air entering the lungs. The mucous flows into the nose by the small channels. The channels may be shut if the sinus gets infecttion or suffers inflammation.



Causes and triggers

The most common cause of sinusitis is happening swell on the lining of the nose, arising from flu virus spreading from upper respiratory tract. Beside flu virus, the triggers can be infection by fungus, tooth infection, and smoking habit. After flu affection there may happen secondary bacteria infection, to cause the sinus lining to suffer inflammation.

Children sinusitis may be caused by allergy, affected contagiously from near suffering children, wrong habit of baby drinking while lying from bottle or nipple, and smoky environment.

Diagnotic actions

Diagnosis may start with the symptoms, such as nose congested with snivel and pain about the face. There may be physical check by the doctor. If considered serious, a specialist doctor may be required and CT scan may be recommended.

Medical treatment

Most sinusitis sufferers need no medical help. Virus affection will stop naturally but it will need two or three weeks to recover. Light sinusitis may need some pain killing drug and decongestant.

If turning serious the doctor’s help may be needed. Antibiotic and steroid spray may be prescribed in this case.

Serious sinusitis may require some operation to improve sinus function and drainage. It is only recommended if usual medication did not work.


On failing medication an acute sinusitis may invite complications i.e. chronic sinusitis.

Further complication may happen if the chronic sinusitis also fails proper treatment, a.o.:

The infection spreading to brain lining may cause meningitis.

Smelling sense may be spoiled partially or totally.

Vision problem may appear, such as decreasing sight or even blindness.

To trigger skin or bone infection.

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