What is Anaemia and find out the cause

What is Anaemia
Anaemia is indicated when the body lacks the blood cells with the haemoglobin, which circulate the oxygen throughout the system.
It can be overvome by taking supplements or special medical treatment.

What is Anaemia

The symptoms of Anaemia
The following are common as anaemia indication:
Pale yellowish skin colour
Irregular heart beats
Short breath
Chest pain
Cold feeling in the hands and legs
Hard of concentration
Crampy legs

Anaemia may have no clear indication in the beginning but it starts to show up when getting worse. When fatigue often turns up, it may be the right time to take doctor’s consultation.

Causes of Anaemia
400 conditions may appear on the onset of anaemia, which can be grouped into 3:
1. No sufficient produce of red blood cells
2. Rapid loss of blood against the supply
3. Anomalous body reaction destroying the red blood cells

Types of anaemia by causes:
1. Ferrum lacking content
2. Shortage of essential vitamins
3. Chronical disease
4. Aplastic anemia (incapable optimal produce of red blood cells)
5. Bone marrow diseases
6. Hemolytic anemia (premature blood cell destruct)
7. Sickle cell anemia/thalassemia (shorter life of blood cells)

Factors risky to cause anaemia:
1. Lacking supply of vitamins and ferrum
2. Foods of low content in B12 vitamin, folate acid, and ferrum
3. Disorder in the digestion system
4. Menstruation
5. Pregnancy
6. Chronic diseases
7. Family history
8. Aging
9. Other factors such as infection, blood anomaly, autoimmune symptoms, alcoholic, poisionous substance, drug side effect

Complications of Anaemia
The following indicates anaemia complication:
1. Excessive tiredness (fatigue)
2. Susceptibility to infection
3. Pregnancy disorder
4. Heart disorder

Death caused by anaemia
Death may ensure if no proper attention is given to anemic symptoms.

Anemia Diagnosis
The following diagnosis may be taken by medical doctors:
1. Complete blood test
2. Physical checks
a. abdominal examination for possible hemorrhage
b. examinatiom on heart failure
c. rectal insertion for hemorrhage
d. pelvis examination for hemorrhage

Anaemia Treatment
No treatment should be given until the principal cause is detected, seeing any treatment may affect another treatment on different anemic symptoms.

Prevention of Anemia
Some anemic diseases may be incurable except those of lacking vitamins and ferrum, by improving food intake style. Malarial disease may also effect anemia.

what is anaemia

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