What is the symptoms of Allergy you might see this

What is the symptoms of Allergy ?
Allergy is a reaction of the body immune system towards something regarded as likely harmful but actually not as such.
The triggering substance, allergen, only affects the people allergic to the substance.

The symptoms of allergy
Generally the following are usual indications:
Hard of breathing
Rash on skin
Mucous nose
Swelling parts of body affected by allergen
Red and itchy eyes
Red watery eyes
Stomach aching, vomiting, or diarrhea.

what is the symptoms of allergy

The symptoms appear soon after getting contact with the allergen. It may develop gradually in matter of hours. The allergen and the way it contacts will determine the extent of the symptoms.
Allergy through insect bite
This may effect itchy on the affected part, coughing, hard breathing around chest, and serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

Allergy from matters of air
The allergen can be dust, pollen, or bugs, which incite sneezing in the beginning. It may develop to mucous nose or even clogged to cause difficult breathing. Itchy nose, reddish watery eyes and swelling may also ensue.

Allergy of foods
Food allergy may arise tickling sensation or even itchy in the mouth. Swelling lips, tongue, or face may happen. This type of allergy may also develop itchy rash on skin, nausea, stomach ache, and diarrhea.

Allergy of drugs
Allergic reaction through medications may arouse itchy skin, rash, swelling face, hard of breathing, and anaphylaxis.

The symptoms of anaphylaxis
This anaphylaxis is the allergy of grievous fatal effect, which may end in death. It may react on the whole body and spread rapidly.
Anaphylaxis indications include:
Difficulty of breath taking
Fainting of drastic lowering blood pressure
Nauseous feeling
Rash on skin
Quick but weak pulsation
Bluish skin and lips

Causes of allergy
The allergen generally has no bad or allergic effect on the normal persons.
Some of the allergen follow:
Insect bites
Specific food (beans, seafood, milk)
Air matter (animal furs, dust bugs etc.)
Medicines (antibiotic, penicillin)
Chemical substance (perfumery, soaps, shampoo etc.)
Family genetics and environment may also cause allergic risks.

Diagnose of Allergy
Preliminary the doctors may question details of the indication, onset frequency, and the allergic trigger. He may also examine the affected parts.
If the first examination gives no clear information, the doctors may take some evaluating tests.
Patch test
A type of allergen will be put on a certain place later to let contact on the skin for two days and the resulting reaction will be monitored. This patch test is applied to evaluate dermatitis contact.
Skin piercing
The patient will his skin be given allergen liquid to let it with a needle flow into the skin and watch the reaction coming up.
If having allergic to the substance, a red and itchy swelling will appear within 15 minutes.

Blood test
The blood test RAST may be recommended simultaneous with the piercing or alternately. It was how to know what is the symptoms of allergy in a spesific way.

Allergy treatments
Prevention and control of the affection will be the object of given medical treatment and include the following types of dispensation:
Corticosteroid sprayer
Leukotriene deterrent

Allergy preventive
The effective action will be to avoid having contact with the triggers. However, not all entries of allergy can be evaded such as those close to people’s environment as dust bugs, pets, or even daily foods.

Anaphylaxis preventive
Be aware of anaphylaxis, on getting onslaught and failing quick action it may end in fatality or fainting. As recommendation, epinephrine injection of two dosis should keep on the alert for instant use. The people close to the victim should get informed of the adrenalin injection to be given before medical aid arrive.

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